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Our Christmas morning double !! Been doing alot running and gunning lately, so no time for notes, can't be exact for the bait and lure on the fox but am certain that's some of Sawmill Creek's C4 on the stink dog in the back !! Merry Christmas to all of you...and Thanks for the good word to Santa from Michael White and Linda Waldron 😉 Rock Stars, I told ya all 😎
Tom Ruocco
Alpine, New York
Minnesota martin on Bailey Hollow
Clinton Christensen 
Floodwood, Minnesota
Sawmill Creek baits & lures took this fisher with Baily Hollow &beaver Castor deer liver!
Thank You Mike & Linda
James Darrow

Griswoldville, Connecticut

Whether you want big ones, doubles or to pull them threw the ice. I do it with backwater beaver lure!
Jesse Hallowell
Jamestown, NY
Nick Henrich
Fonda, Iowa
Nice Christmas Eve Ohio coyote on Final Step
Jerry McIntyre II 
Scottown, Ohio
Final step getting it done !!! Thanks for all the info and help!
Eric Burger
Oswego, New York
This one fell victim to Autumn Addiction and Final Step on my first year ever trapping!
Colby Foland 
Cobleskill, N.Y.
Autumn Addiction getting it done.
John Heitz.
Bronaugh, Missouri
All caught in dirtholes baited with C4 and Autumn Addiction. A deadly combination.
Jack Spriggs Jr.
Oswego, New York
First night coyote on C4
Jason Ours
Cabins, West Virgina
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