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Formula One - Girl Trapper Pink

Formula One - Girl Trapper Pink


After years of testing and trial runs, we are proud to say we have formulated the best ever in trap dip. It's easy to use, odor free and is unlike anything you've ever used. This formula is water-soluble and adheres easily to all types of metal. Traps and snares may be used as soon as Formula One has cured. No air-out time is needed. Formula One dries to the touch in two hours and can be used on the trapline in 24 hours. It's that easy! Stronger than dye, more durable than paint. Formula One gives a hard finish.
Traps should have a coating of light rust on them or the steel of the trap should have a rough surface before dipping. (Caution: Heavy rust will bleed through) Mix two parts water to one part Formula One for best results. Traps, dip and air should be at least 50 degrees for best results. Let traps dry completely. Traps will need 3 to 4 coats for the initial treatment. Re-dip once or twice from then on.

Snares can be dipped without pre-treatment. Just build and dip. It is recommended to close the loop of the snare, then dip. Hook the dipped snares over a clothes line by the closed loop, keeping them from touching one another. Dip snares once or twice.

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